HTTP Honors Tech Innovadores for Hispanic Heritage Month

Latino technologist have a long history of leading through innovation at every level and in every industry. From med tech, to the invention of the first color TV, to hydrogen peroxide propulsion jetpacks, Latino ingenuity has solved some of the world’s most important problems and transformed our everyday lives for the better. 

This Hispanic Heritage Month, Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) honors Latinx Innovadores past and present and their innovative breakthroughs that have allowed us to conquer the skies (the Ochoaplane) carry the world in our pocket (sims cards in cell phones), and protected us from bots and spam (captcha codes), all while keeping our personal information safe (computer passwords). 

This list is by no means comprehensive, but features some notable stand outs! 

Know an incredible Latinx Technologist who is changing the world? We want to give them a shout out! Use the form below and nominate them (or nominate yourself). We will be featuring Latinx Innovadores all month through our social media channels. 

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