Federal Privacy Legislation: The Latino Perspective

Thank you to the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association, HTTP member organizations, and expert panelists for making our inaugural Tech Policy Hora Feliz and Panel Discussion a great success!

Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership in collaboration with the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association joined forces to affirm the importance of the Latinx perspective in the discussion for federal consumer privacy legislation. 

Event Details below:

Everything you wanted to know about the future of digital privacy: The Latinx Perspective.

Today’s consumer privacy approach is under debate across the country sparking state and federal solutions to protect consumer privacy. Join HTTP member organizations, in collaboration with CHSA, Center for Democracy & Technology, Hispanic Federation, and MANA (a national Latina organization), for a discussion about the impact these proposals will have on Latinx consumers and the important role that members of the Latinx community can play in shaping the future of consumer privacy protections. 

Panelist included:

Alejandro Roark, Executive Director, HTTP

Brent Wilkes, Senior Vice President for Institutional Development, Hispanic Federation

Amy Hinojosa, National President and CEO, MANA

Joe Jerome, Policy Counsel, Privacy & Data, Center for Democracy &  Technology

Edward Carlson, Policy Analyst, NTIA

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